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The three impressive Noma Earth Tubes are part of a municipal refurbishment project in the north of Manchester.
23.05.2016 | Trade Press
Osram transforms the Noma Earth Tubes into an interactive light installation

The task consisted of highlighting the shape and structure of the three ventilation towers with a creative and interactive light installation capable of fascinating but also integrating observers. The [...]

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The Philharmonie Szczecin in Poland illuminated by Anoche was the winner in the
12.05.2016 | Trade Press
Quadruple success for Osram at the Lighting Design Awards

The Philharmonie Szczecin in Poland illuminated by Anoche was the winner in the "Community and Public Realm Project of the Year" category. A dynamic LED lighting and control solution by [...]

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Illustration of the pinnacle of Stockholm’s town hall lit up in blue. Depending on the audience’s reaction, Osram bathes Stockholm’s landmarks in bright colors with the help of Lightify Vote. The lighting will range from blue when a song fails to win the audience’s favor, to green and then yellow and finally to bright red when a song totally wins over the masses.
10.05.2016 | General Interest Press
Osram Lightify voting to add color to the Eurovision Song Contest

During the Eurovision Song Contest in May, Osram will bathe the Swedish capital in bright colors that show what viewers think of the songs. The Munich-based lighting specialist will light up seven [...]

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With the Floodlight 20 Maxi LED, Osram offers a floodlight for lighting sports locations with flicker-free lighting for HDTV broadcasting and super slow motion.
14.04.2016 | Trade Press
Floodlight 20 Maxi LED: light for areas and sports

Osram is expanding its LED floodlight range with a further large construction size in the form of the Floodlight 20 Maxi LED. As a result, the flexible floodlight series is now available in four sizes [...]

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13.04.2016 | Trade Press, General Interest Press
Osram opens application programming interface for Lightify

Creative developers can now create their own apps for Osram’s Lightify Home system. Lightify enables people to control their lights at home with their smartphones or tablets – from the [...]

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By making improvements to the epitaxy Osram has achieved a considerable increase in the luminous efficacy of white LEDs compared to existing products. At 3000 mA/mm² the benefit is a full 7.5 percent.
12.04.2016 | Trade Press
Osram increases the luminous efficacy of white and blue high-power LEDs by 7.5 percent

Research success at Osram Opto Semiconductors. The high-tech company has considerably improved the luminous efficacy of its high-power LEDs by reducing the unwanted droop effect at high currents. This [...]

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High-resolution sensors and professional control technology enable luminaires to be controlled in accordance with motion and daylight according to the parking level.
07.04.2016 | Trade Press
Intelligent light for VW parking garage saves 65% in energy

One of the largest and most modern logistics centres in Europe is located at Baunatal near Kassel in Germany – the original parts centre for Volkswagen. More than 450,000 VW original components [...]

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The new highly efficient Kreios Fresnel and Kreios Profile LED spotlights are ideal for use on small to medium size stages.
05.04.2016 | General Interest Press, Trade Press
Osram is demonstrating phaser laser technology for the entertainment sector for the first time at Prolight + Sound 2016

Spotlights provide the right illumination for actors in front of the camera and on the stage, put concerts and other events in the right light and are the main tool for lighting designers looking to [...]

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16.03.2016 | General Interest Press, Trade Press
Shining lights on the slopes

The German Ski Association and the lighting manufacturer Osram have drawn a positive summary of their first season as partners. In this alliance, the German Ski Association applied the latest findings [...]

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Standard 3 SDCM binning in the CIE 1931 2° xy color space
14.03.2016 | Trade Press
World premiere: Osram presents 10° binning for white LEDs

New “TEN°” binning from Osram Opto Semiconductors provides the basis for unprecedented color consistency for white LEDs which are used for example as single-LED light sources in [...]

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Results: 1-10 of 687
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