Truck applications

See further, drive safer

truck light

Safeguard your cargo while keeping clear of theirs

See better and be seen better with OSRAM. During the day, the ‘position light’ function of our multifunctional series will alert other road-users to your presence. At night, the additional high beam function improves far-field visibility whilst warning others of your approach. Now, you can sharpen-up your truck’s appearance – by day and by night.

Product portfolio

Upgrade your vehicle with our sophisticated LED spotlights. Whether you need to warn oncoming traffic or light up the road under very dark conditions, you can turn up the visibility, with extremely high optic efficiency and homogeneous LED lights from OSRAM.

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Mounting guidelines

Mounting regulations – low & high beam regulation (ECE R112)

Experience the power of OSRAM on-road and off-road.

Based on the ECE regulation R112 (= low & high beam regulation) driving lights need to be installed pairwise* with a maximum of 4 high beam light sources** for cars and 6 high beams for trucks, which are directly wired. Every certified high beam headlight has a reference number written on the housing or lense cover which corresponds to the candela value of the light source. You can find this number either left or right of the E-mark sign. According to the ECE R112 the sum of high beam headlights attached to the car must not exceed a total of 100.

There are no special mounting regulations on width and height.

Mounting regulations – position light (ECE R7)

Based on the ECE regulation R7 (= position light regulation) products need to be installed pairwise*

A car or a truck must only have 4 position lights**, which are directly wired. Special mounting regulations on width and height apply. See OSRAM product packaging or technical sheet for further details.

* national legislation may apply
** including the existing headlamps