Climate Analyses

Many technical products are exposed to adverse weather conditions during operation, and/or are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations and humidity.

In the climatic chamber, environmental factors such as temperature or humidity fluctuations are simulated, and their effects on the functional capability of products are tested. The results are used for optimizing the durability, reliability, and performance of the products.

Our service range

  • Implementation of combined temperature and humidity tests, as stand-alone tests or in combination with vibration
  • Control, operation, and monitoring of test objects, e.g. for service life tests or for the verification of function with climate impact

  • Support with the creation of (time-accelerated) test programs
  • Construction and production of requisite equipment for the operation and monitoring of test objects

Our climate cabinets

Weiss climate cabinet WK480/15

Weiss climate cabinet WK500/80

Weiss climate cabinet WKL100/70

Volumes480 l500 l100 l
Min. temperature-70°C-75°C-70°C
Max. temperature+180°C+180°C+180°C
Heating17 [C/min] 1,4 [C/min]3,5 [C/min]
Cooling15 [C/min] 2,5 [C/min]3,5 [C/min]

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Environment Simulation Laboratory
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