2015 | Smart City

Brilliantly luminated municipal road

The Middle Ring Expressway – Suzhou, China

With a total investment of RMB 22 billion, the roadway was equipped with around 2,000 sets of OSRAM OLUX™ LED Spot H with 4000K color temperature.

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2016 | Smart City

St. Peter`s Square radiates in new LED light

Rome, Italy

Osram lends St. Peter`s Square in Rome a new sense of radiance. Following refurbishment, modern and energy-efficient outdoor LED luminaires provide a unique lighting...

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Laser Light

2016 | Automotive trends

Laser light: new headlight technology

The BMW i8 and the Audi R8 LMX were launched almost at the same time as the first series production vehicles with laser headlights...

Trend: Laser lights for headlights
Smart Pixel Headlights

2016 | Automotive trends

µAFS LED headlights

In a research project over the past three years, a smart, high resolution headlight has been created, that already analyzes driving and weather conditions continuously.

Trend: µAFS LED headlights

2016 | Sports

Siteco LED luminaires for spectacular performance

Skatepark Karlsruhe - Karlsruhe, Germany

Enables planar sports and area lighting to be implemented with high efficiency, and at the same time with maximum demands for quality of light, functionality, design...

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2012 | Smart City

Dignified background for war memorial

Park Bosnjaci - Zagreb, Croatia

The actual lighting task consisted of optimally and pleasantly illuminating the green areas and paths while at the same time avoiding any light spill.

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2015 | Retail

A dream of a light show

Dylan‘s Candy Bar – New York, NY, USA

An atmosphere that is designed to awaken the inner child in all by providing the ultimate candy experience.

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Bend lighting headlmaps

2016 | Automotive trends

Bend lighting headlamps for the first time with LED technology

Dynamic bend lighting headlights - on an entirely new technological level in the future. Up to now, mechanical assemblies were required to move parts of the headlight...

Trend: bend lighting headlamps for the first time with LED

2006 | Industrial & Logistics

Shedding the right light on fine automobiles

AUDI AG - Ingolstadt, Germany

The new generation of Audi TT coupés and roadsters will get to see the light at the Ingolstadt works in Hall N42. Over 3,100 Siteco luminaires will be making...

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