Laser Light

2016 | Automotive trends

Laser light: new headlight technology

The BMW i8 and the Audi R8 LMX were launched almost at the same time as the first series production vehicles with laser headlights...

Trend: Laser lights for headlights
Smart Pixel Headlights

2016 | Automotive trends

µAFS LED headlights

In a research project over the past three years, a smart, high resolution headlight has been created, that already analyzes driving and weather conditions continuously.

Trend: µAFS LED headlights
OLED panel lighting

2016 | Automotive trends

OLED panel lighting as a further development of LED

OLED (organic LED) are the technical development of LED. Panel radiators with homogenous light distribution, numerous light colors, and a totally flexible design...

Trend: OLED - cutting edge panel lighting
Bend lighting headlmaps

2016 | Automotive trends

Bend lighting headlamps for the first time with LED technology

Dynamic bend lighting headlights - on an entirely new technological level in the future. Up to now, mechanical assemblies were required to move parts of the headlight...

Trend: bend lighting headlamps for the first time with LED