With just a few clicks: Programming indoor luminaires and street lights via smartphone app

Electronic Control Gears

27.03.2019 | Products

Adapting luminaire settings flexibly, in no time at all: with the Tuner4TRONIC Field app

The Tuner4TRONIC Field app greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance of both indoor and outdoor luminaires. In addition to the OT 1DIM and 4DIM outdoor drivers, the T4T now also supports our Compact NFC indoor drivers. Linear LED drivers will be supported in the very near future. The Field app can now be used on both NFC-capable Android smartphones and iPhones.

Benefits for maintenance and repair:
Luminaires can be removed from the intermediate ceiling without connection to the mains and e.g. the lumen output can be adapted to the actual requirements of the lighting installation.
Simplified luminaire/driver analysis in the lighting installation: Thanks to mains-free analysis, the driver data can be read out directly at the installation site, stored in a buffer memory and programmed on a new driver (ex-factory setting) – simplifying e.g. the replacement of a defective driver.

Thanks to NFC programming, the drivers can be commissioned, configured and maintained wirelessly and without mains supply. Read our new, well-structured application guide (in English) to find out how you can define driver settings as easily and quickly as possible: Just use the Copy/Paste function to transfer the complete settings to the new driver within seconds. Furthermore, it provides valuable information e.g. on how to load configuration files by e-mail, how to use password-protected settings, and handle the NFC scanner.

Contents of the application guide:

  • System requirements
  • Quick start
  • Detailed information on adjustable functions
  • Premium packages
  • Compatible products (LED drivers, NFC reader)