Lighting solutions for workbenches

Emulating daylight to boost performance

Requirements for individual work spaces can differ greatly, but uniform, glare-free light and well-balanced vertical and horizontal illumination levels are always a must. OSRAM Lighting Solutions meet and exceed high standards for individual work spaces.

Indoor Workplaces

Optimising human performance

Studies have shown that workers perform better with higher workplace illuminance levels, especially when the illumination is biologically effective by emulating the composition and intensity of daylight. Productivity-enhancing work station lighting should generally combine vertical and horizontal light sources and provide even, glare-free visibility. Depending on the given tasks, supplementary solutions and point-based lighting as well as a high protection rating may be required. OSRAM can supply comprehensive and flexible lighting solutions to suit every workplace.

Outdoor Workplaces

Adaptable, dynamic, and weather-proof

Outdoor work environments are generally characterised by frequent changes of the natural illumination conditions. It is therefore essential to provide not only weather-proof but also highly dynamic light installations to compensate for these changes depending on daytime and cloud cover, with the ultimate objective of ensuring the most constant and uniform working conditions possible while saving energy. Robust, sealed, energy-efficient light fixtures and light management systems by OSRAM enable workers to give their best and work accurately all day long.