Always on the safe side.

Safety in the public space is becoming increasingly important, whether in road traffic, in car parks or public recreational areas. Light helps to improve safety.

The quicker the traffic and the more diverse the road users, the more quickly must danger points and risk zones be identified in order to make the correct decisions and act accordingly when it gets serious. Traffic safety and good light go hand in hand, and balanced light distribution with minimum glare make the decisive difference.

The safety of each individual is becoming increasingly important at the same time. People always wish to feel safe, whether they are vehicle drivers on the road or in a car park, pedestrians after a restaurant visit or cyclists on their way home. Good lighting can essentially contribute to this due to homogeneous light distribution, reduced dark zones and therefore a better perception of the surroundings.

Luminaires themselves also support guidance, and the luminaire becomes visible itself due to reflection of the light to provide spatial orientation. Siteco brand lighting solutions for functional lighting in public spaces far exceed mere compliance with legislative standards, and thanks to intelligent control and state-of-the-art lighting technology create the perfect balance between quality of light and energy saving.

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Safety on all roads

Main thoroughfares

The more rapidly traffic flows, the quicker must vehicle drivers recognise danger points and risk areas to make the right decision and act correctly if things get serious. Traffic safety and good light go hand in hand, and balanced light distribution with minimum glare make the decisive difference. Combining light, quality of light and efficiency in a road luminaire is a major challenge. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers outstanding solutions for precisely this range of applications. Technical road luminaires from Siteco focus on quality, performance, reliability and efficiency, thereby actively contributing to high safety in road traffic.

Collection roads

Traffic, urbanity and atmosphere. Life is full of bustle along collection roads. Motorised traffic comes together with pedestrians and cyclists, and functional buildings meet urban flair. This is where lighting shows what it can do. It supports safety in road traffic, designs and structures the urban space and responds to the needs of residents and business operators: balanced light distribution and minimum glare on the one hand, coupled with variable light colours, light distribution and daytime effect on the other transform OSRAM outdoor luminaires into solutions able to master the challenges of road traffic and busy city life.

Residential streets

Playing children, strolling pedestrians, pretty houses and tidy gardens – much green, much space and much life. Lighting for service roads and residential roads is for people, their homes, for well-being and for the safety of the weakest road users. Lighting with a balanced ratio of horizontal and vertical illuminance enables early mutual recognition in such situations. OSRAM lighting solutions also reflect the architectural context to increase the factor of well-being. The daytime impact of the luminaire for example positively upgrades the appearance of the road section.

Parks and paths

Being alone in parks at night becomes pure pleasure with good light. Lighting along parking roads and paths initially serves security. Balanced lighting improves the sense of security and the well-being factor. At the same time, unevenness of the ground, obstacles and road holes can be recognised in good time. Light is also a tool for design. The daytime effect of a high quality OSRAM park luminaire for example emphasises the character of the surroundings and determines the appearance and therefore the appeal of the environment. Various light colours create differing light atmospheres that can have a cosy or more sober effect.

What effect does vertical and horizontal illuminance have?

Good horizontal illuminance achieves uniform illumination of planes and therefore an improved perception of the surroundings. Good vertical illuminance reduces shadowing, thereby leading to better recognition of faces among other factors.

Car parks and parking lots

Parking cars, passers-by and confusing signage – parking lots are the labyrinths of our time, littered with danger zones and risks. Motorised traffic comes together with pedestrians and cyclists in notoriously confusing surroundings. OSRAM lighting solutions bring light into the darkness, with correct use enabling illumination of traffic spaces in accordance with standards to render these more visible and clear and reduce the risk of accidents. Matched, coordinated lighting solutions promote general orientation, support the mutual identification of all road users and also help to recognise borders and obstacles in good time.

Our lighting solutions for your safety

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