Daxing International Airport

Beijing, China

OSRAM invigorates the Beijing Daxing International Airport, largest of its kind in the world, with connected lighting solution, creating a green, energy-saving, and human-centric space for passengers.


Category: Industry
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2019

The Beijing Daxing International Airport was built to meet China’s growing demand for civil aviation, and to enhance and integrate aviation capability in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Designed by the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the mega airport comes in a futuristic structure resembling a phoenix.

The Beijing Daxing International Airport covers an area of 1.4 million square meters, the equivalent to 63 Tiananmen Squares combined, and has the largest free-flowing curved roof with a size equal to 25 football fields. The centerpiece is an almost-pillar-free atrium, providing the facility’s largest, most-frequented open area. The architect optimizes the structure daylight design with a series of central skylight, strip skylights, bubble skylights and plenty of glasses, and let sunlight to flood through 70% of the indoor space.

Based on analysis of the airport structure and daylight design, OSRAM proposed a lighting solution combining comfort, brightness and energy efficiency, offering 50% of the indoor LED luminaires to brighten up the vast atrium. A series of powerful Simplitz® LED Flood Lights are installed on the top of all nine check-in counters, while the tailor-made high-powered Down Lights are embedded on top of other walking or resting spaces. The team customized the high-powered Down Lights with an extended cylinder, which maintains an optimal beam angle and lowers UGR under 19.

Beyond uniformity and pleasure to the eye, the lighting system also aims to make the airport a greener infrastructure as well. Via a DALI protocol, the OSRAM LED lights interconnect with the vast KNX control system throughout the overall structure and allows the central control room to manage each individual unit. Such an advanced mechanism reduces power consumption 2/3 compared to traditional lighting.

The Beijing Daxing International Airport is recognized as head of the Seven Wonders of the New World and is a milestone of the nation’s construction strength. The success of this project redefines the right lighting for modern civil aviation facilities and is a breakthrough in OSRAM’s human-centric solutions.