Dingzhou City

Hebei, China

New Light over Thousands-Year-Old Town, where modernity meets antiquity with Traxon e:cue


Category: Dynamic lighting
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2020

Founded in B.C. 649 by the State of Qi, Dingzhou stretches its history back to over 2600 years ago as a political, economic, cultural and military center during the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history. Featuring the inheritance of the captivating "Zhongshan Culture"—one of the three main historic cultures of Hebei, the Dingzhou city plays a dominant role in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic region today. To stimulate new growth, the city decided to make full use of its historical features and transformed them into a modern style.

One highlight of this project is the renovation of historic buildings in Dingzhou city with dynamic lighting. To maintain the current architecture style, Traxon e:cue interconnected the historic relics in the city such as Dingzhou museum, Zhongshan Park, Chongwen Street, Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda and the mosque with over 40,000 sets of customized LED washer and LED flood fixtures. The city now reaches a balance between modernity and antiquity with the innovative lighting solution.

Ancient Chinese architecture values the harmony between human and nature dearly, and tends to keep the distinctive features near the roofs. Taking this into account, the LED fixtures were strategically limited to eliminate light pollution and keep the silent night unspoiled. Lighting angles and color temperatures were adjusted to cope with different scenarios. The warm lighting elegantly outlines the principal ancient buildings and makes them shine even brighter against the dark sky. Other up-to-present blocks, such as the museum and toll station near the highway, are equipped with white units to create modern and human-friendly working conditions. The philosophy of integrating illumination and architectural structures is fully reflected in the renaissance of Dingzhou’s heritage.

Striking a style between a modern bustle city and an ancient historical town, Dingzhou is now a riveting city like no other. People from all walks of life can broaden their knowledge of ancient Chinese culture from the city while enjoying its energetic urban life boosted by the new tourism and culture industry. The success of the Dingzhou city modernization once again shows how our smart dynamic lighting elevates the environments of a city, and forever changes the community livelihood for the better.