Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Shenzhen, China

Lighting over another Global Landmark:

OSRAM Indoor Lighting Illuminates Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


Category: Office
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2020

Serving for exhibitions, conventions, events, catering, shopping, and office, Shenzhen World occupies roughly 1.48 million square meters, including 500,000 square meters indoor areas, and has broken eight world records as the world’s largest exhibition and convention center. With its easily accessible location, the Shenzhen World is expected to drive regional industries such as trade and exhibition, innovative research and development, international logistics and airport economy etc.

On-demand lighting for varied spaces

For this extensive and large building, OSRAM designed a product program adopting mixed lighting. Seeking to evenly illuminate the whole venue, the program has made full use of daylight when arranging LED lights to meet individual area’s special needs. More than 100,000 OSRAM indoor and sports LED fixtures have been appropriately distributed in more than 10 indoor sections like the multi-functional hall, the media center, the ballroom, the international lecture hall, and the stadium to create a modern space free of glare, grains, and dark zones.

The central corridor, a common channel connecting all zones integrating the subtropical climate characteristics of Shenzhen in its semi-open space design, is filled with natural lighting, which requires only a few LED liners and spots. The lobby hall, as the high-span pillar-free entrance well-lit by daylight, are adorned with LED spots similar to sunlight, eliminating abrupt change of color temperature and ensuring light uniformity. Meeting room and ballroom, as facilities for business talks and receptions, are embedded with high color rendering LED panel and liner lights to create a mixed sense of formality and friendly social engagement.

Controllable lighting ensues sustainability

Following Shenzhen World’s commitment to sustainability, OSRAM strategically placed the LED installations based on the building’s daylighting features and set several working statuses in the diming program, so that staff could make the indoor space more human-friendly with the desired lighting for various areas and events. All with the DALI protocol, the lights are connected with Shenzhen World’s central control system for platform-type management and extensive control of 100,000 fixtures to attain the goal of on-demand use and waste reduction.

Shenzhen World, after the illumination for the central atrium of Beijing Daxing International Airport, is another masterpiece by OSRAM in the realm of indoor lighting. Fully considering the building’s large size, OSRAM chose a reasonable lighting method and integrated the building’s functions, daylight and illumination. It enables the general lighting to flood through the venue, meanwhile gives individual areas the illumination they long for to make their functions at play, invigorating the center into the “top of the world’s exhibition and convention facilities”.