Suzhou Center

Suzhou, China

Traxon e:cue smart solutions shed light upon the Suzhou Center, turning it into a drive-force of industry innovation and upgrade of the whole city.


Category: Dynamic lighting, Smart City, Software
Technology/Services: Luminaires, Light management systems
Year: 2018

The Suzhou Center plaza lies on the west shore of the Jinji Lake, a nationally renowned 5A tourist attraction. With a total construction area of 1,130,000 square meters, it consists of 1 large one-stop shopping mall and 7 other commercial buildings. The highlight of the complex is the Suzhou Center. It is commonly known as the “Wings of Future” due to its self-evident structure, representing city’s wonderful prospects and great ambitions.

The Suzhou Center is built to differ from traditional commercial centers in the region. With architectural function for shopping, office, hospitality and leisure, it is meant to be a new all-in-one business hub. Its beautification could make a great impact on the view of the Jinji Lake and the city, as well as the transformation of local industries.

With our “beyond lighting” integrated solution, Traxon e:cue stood out of the competition and became the project’s provider.

As mentioned, the project is incredibly huge in size. The “Wings of Future” solely boasts a rooftop of 36,000 square meters – the world’s largest free-flowing curved surface and skylight roof with seamless connection. Lit by more than 22,000 of Traxon Media Tube® RGB and Dot XL luminaires, now the “Wings” would spread wide in a colorful aura when the night comes. e:cue control system has also been chosen and installed in the architecture to offer flexibility. Butler PRO controllers and Lighting Control fx server are now integrated into the buildings’ system to offer centralized smart management of the luminaires.

After the beautification, Suzhou Center plaza has become a new refreshing landmark, polishing the skyline of the city. The several commercial buildings around glow to the city’s rhythm, so delicately and brilliantly as to fit their business tone. The “Wings of Future” would dance like a phoenix rising from the flames and waving its wings to soar.

The completion of this project has finalized Suzhou’s only modern one-stop commercial center and established an unprecedented and diversified CBD zone, which is the key to Suzhou’s next economic take-off. The “Wings of Future” and the “Gate to the East” now shine brightly and add radiance to each other at night, creating a glamorous open space for nearly 10,625,700 locals and a lighting spectacle by the Jinji Lake.

Project Partner

Client:Suzhou Industrial Park Jinji Lake Urban Development Co., Ltd
Lighting Designer:BPI
System Integrator / Installer:Shanghai Laiyiting Illuminance Technology Co.,Ltd