3D Sensing

Application - Health Monitoring and Fitness Tracking - Runner uses smart watch

BIDOS® for 3D Sensing – leading edge VCSEL technology

Infrared (IR) VCSELs are a key element of state-of-the-art 3D sensing systems.

3D Sensing is an innovation driver in a wide range of applications.

Applications such as 3D facial recognition, that started in mobile devices are now increasingly pushing into the automotive and industrial sector – e.g. for automatically identifying car passengers to activate certain user profiles, and the usage of biometric data for secure payment solutions at ATMs or specific terminals in the industrial area.

Additionally, there are emerging applications in the automotive interior such as 3D gesture sensing or in-cabin monitoring – all of which are realized with a VCSEL based Time-of-Flight solution.

Also in the industry area 3D sensing applications drive the innovation. Machine Vision and automated warehouse robots as well as 3D surveillance systems are just a few examples.


  • High-Power VCSELs with leading-edge chip technology and robust packaging
  • Various optical output power options
  • Multiple FoV (Field of Views) available
  • Versions with integrated photodiode available

VCSEL Bare Dies

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is also offering VCSEL dies. For more details please contact our technical support team and get in touch with us.

You may also visit VIXAR Inc. for more information regarding VCSEL for 3D Sensing.

3D Sensing finds use in a broad range of applications