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Press Release | 07/24/2019:
New, robust OSRAM LED extends the day

While sunsets can be stunning and relaxing to watch, they can also be stressful by making visibility difficult during late evening walks or long hours at construction sites. Flashlights and work lamps improve safety for walkers and workers by lighting these areas at night. Now, the manufacturers of these lighting solutions can benefit from the highly reliable...

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Press Release | 05/20/2019:
Quantum Dots from Osram make LEDs even more efficient

Quantum Dots (QD) are nanometer-sized semiconductor particles, which means they are about 10,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Due to their very small size, the light that is re-emitted when blue LED light hits the nanoparticles depends on the size of the particles. For example, ...

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