Brilliant choices for extreme conditions and excellent contrast

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ new DISPLIX LEDs not only are prepared to withstand high humidity levels, wide fluctuations in temperature and even torrential rain. They also shine with excellent contrast even in direct sunlight and precise color rendering even after a long operating time, combined with impressive brightness values. DISPLIX LEDs are available as multichip RGB DISPLIX Black in a black package with a black reflector and DISPLIX Blackprint in a white package with black overprinting and white reflector.

  • Individual addressability of each color
  • Improved fill factor thanks to optimized reflector surface
  • Premium contrast thanks to completely black housing/surface
  • Premium intensity [cd/m²] thanks to latest chip technology
  • Optimized, tested outdoor stability
  • Video walls in outdoor areas
  • Full color displays
  • Road signs