Exceptional lifetime performance

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' Golden DRAGON products are leading performers in the LED universe. And now the star shines even brighter: The new Golden DRAGON uses the latest Thinfilm/ThinGaN technologies. Besides delivering the maximum possible light from the smallest of sources, this high-performance LED has an exceptionally long lifetime, giving designers and developers the means to take illumination into completely new dimensions.

A new dimension of brightness

Dazzling bright white light with typical 80 lm @ 350 mA is emitted from a tiny surface.
Due to its embedded lens the Golden DRAGON Plus offers even higher brightness and efficacy levels.

High reliability

The Golden DRAGON is characterized by a long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, due to excellent thermal design and silicone encapsulation.

Flexible applications

The availability of the complete color portfolio and external optics as well as the extraordinary brightness open up new possibilities for almost any lighting application.

  • High performance LED emitting maximum light from the smallest possible source
  • Power LED: Only 1.8 mm height
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Meets the quality requirements of the automotive industry
  • Complete color portfolio available: Red (625 nm), amber (617 nm), yellow, true green, blue, deep blue, white, warm white and ultra white
  • Can be processed using standard soldering techniques
  • Lead (Pb) free - RoHS compliant

Applications: Automotive, Illumiation & Signs, Communication - Golden DRAGON

Illumination & signs

  • Architectural and room lighting
  • Design and effect illumination
  • Illuminated advertising
  • Emergency lighting
  • Signs, channel letters
  • Traffic lights
  • Replacement of conventional light bulbs


  • Exterior: Daytime running light, fog light, front turn indicator
  • Interior: Dome light


  • Strobe light for mobile phones and digital cameras

Golden DRAGON Thinfilm/ThinGaN




Typ. Output/Current

LR W5SMred625 nm45 lm @ 400 mA
LA W5SMamber617 nm53 lm @ 400 mA
LY W5SMyellow590 nm43 lm @ 400 mA
LT W5SMtrue green530 nm75 lm @ 350 mA
LB W5SMblue470 nm23 lm @ 350 mA
LD W5SMdeep blue455 nm383 mW @ 350 mA
LW W5SMwhitex/y 0.32/0.31*75 lm @ 350 mA
LUW W5SMultra whitex/y 0.31/0.32*85 lm @ 350 mA
LCW W5SMwarm whitex/y 0.42/0.40*53 lm @ 350 mA

* Color coordinates acc. to CIE 1931

External Lenses

In order to increase design flexibility several companies offer external optics designed for use with Golden DRAGON from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors:

FRAEN S.r.l. FDG lenses series

  • 27 mm high lenses available with white or transparent lens holder
  • Available radiation characteristics (round angle 2 f):
    Medium lens 18°, narrow lens 13°

FDP lenses series

  • Low profile lenses available with white or transparent holder
  • Available radiation characteristics (round angle 2 f):
    Medium lens 18°, narrow lens 13°

Ledil Oy L2 Optics OPGD lenses series

  • Available radiation characteristics (half angle):
    Spot plus wide sub lens 15°, spot plus diffusor sub lens 5°, spot lens 2°, spot plus oval sub lens 4° x 27°
  • Triple lenses available

Polymer Optics LTD Lenses series

  • Hexagonal lens available with white hexagonal lens holder
  • Available radiation characteristics (half angle):
    Medium lens 15°, narrow lens 6°, oval lens 6° x 15°
  • Seven cell lenses available