New Multi-Chip-LED with a wide, bright blue Color Gamut

The new MULTILED proves once more the innovative capacity of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. This multi-chip-LED provides an extensive blue color gamut to a wavelength of 447 nanometers. Thanks to its improved resistance to corrosion, integrated ESD protective diode, the MULITLED meets the specific automotive requirements as well.

  • package: white PLCC-6 package, silicone resin
  • color: red/true green/ blue, 625 nm (red), 528 nm (true green), 460 nm (blue)
  • viewing angle: Lambertian Emitter (120°)
  • chiptechnology: ThinFilm (red),ThinGaN (true green, blue)
  • soldering methods: reflow solderable
  • preconditioning: acc. to JEDEC Level 2
  • ESD-withstand voltage: up to 2 kV acc. to JESD22-A114-D
  • Ambient light
  • Clusters
  • Interior Automotive Lighting
  • RGB displays
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Gaming