OSLON® Boost Family

OSLON Boost Family

The OSIRE E3635 is especially designed for automotive applications (interior) and RGB displays.

Highest luminance on smalles chip size for slim headlamp design

With the OSLON® Boost family, a new chip generation with an extremely high electrical power is coming. Together with a special designed package it is now possible to use the LED with 3A per square millimeter chip surface. As a result, it is not only possible to achieve very high luminous flux but also to reach a great light concentration from a small emission surface.

High luminance translates future-oriented headlamp designs into reality. Due to increasing luminance, design-driven applications can be created with a reduced system size.  Especially in the premium car segment, this will play an increasingly important role.



OSLON® Boost Family

  • Ceramic package with electrically isolated thermal pad for good thermal management
  • Outstanding heat dissipation via internals design structures
  • Robust package supports good handling
  • Light emission surface centered with square emission pattern for easier optical design
  • Chip is designed for high ampacity of 3A per square millimeter
  • Automotive-grade product


  • High-luminance of > 200 cd/mm²
  • Developed for illumination of DMD (Digital Mircomirror Devices)
  • Projection of symbols on road in HD quality
  • Advanced safety with digital light functions
  • Increased user experience and individualisation by light


  • SMT ceramic based package (same as Compact PL)
  • 1/2mm² high current chip
  • Latest notchless chip technology for easier optical design
  • 3 pad design with electrically isolated thermal pad
  • High-luminance capability -> typ 240 cd/mm²
  • Automotive Headlamp
  • Bending light
  • Lowbeam
  • Highbeam
  • Day time running light
  • Fog lamp
  • Working lights

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