DURIS® S 5 (3030 LED)

DURIS® S 5 (3030)

DURIS® S 5 has it all: various white and color versions

The proven, innovative DURIS® S 5 family consists of various white and colored mid-power LEDs with the standard 3030 dimensions and excellent efficiency, offering manufacturers and designers great versatility and flexibility.


DURIS® S 5 (3030) white: bright benefits

DURIS® S 5 white provides flexibility in forward voltage and luminous flux with high lifetime even at high temperature. Optimized phosphor, lead frame and chip design lift the LEDs to a new level of performance.

DURIS® S 5 color: Striking options

DURIS® S 5 is also available in seven color versions, offering exciting and efficient opportunities for innovative applications and designs. Thanks to OSRAM innovation color chip UX:3 & TF, all colors achieve state of art efficacy and brightness. All these colors enable less LED usage and smaller PCB design, and thus cost savings in assembly.

DURIS® S 5 white

  • Various luminous flux packages from one package family
  • Small footprint (3 mm × 3 mm) for clustering (3030)
  • Higher lifetime than PPA packages
  • Compact light source in white SMT package, colored diffused silicone resin
  • Viewing angle at 50 % lV: 120°
  • Optimized driver efficiency and costs due to higher voltage option
  • Full range of color temperatures: 2,700 K – 6,500 K (white)
  • Test results according to IESNA LM-80
  • Excellent color reproduction with CRI min. 70, 80 and 90
  • LM-80 report available

DURIS® S 5 white

DURIS® S 5 colors

  • Wide spectrum color solution
  • Complete portfolio with industrial standard footprint (3030) of 3 mm × 3 mm
  • Epoxy based package
  • Best in class flux with hot/cold factor (85°C to 25°C)
DURIS® S 5 color (amber)
DURIS® S 5 color (red)

DURIS® S 5 color (amber)

DURIS® S 5 color (red)

DURIS® S 5 color (true green)
DURIS® S 5 color (blue)

DURIS® S 5 color (true green)

DURIS® S 5 color (blue)

DURIS® S 5 white

  • Retrofit (omnidirectional, ­directional, linear)
  • Home (pendant lighting, strip ­lighting, spotlight)
  • Shop (spotlight, downlight, linear lighting, freezer/display, shelf ­lighting)
  • Office (downlight, linear/area ­lighting)
  • Architainment and hospitality (accent/mood lighting, cove lighting, strip lighting)
  • Industrial (portable lighting, emergency lighting, high/low bay, linear lighting)
  • Outdoor stability (streetlight)

DURIS® S 5 colors

  • Smart lighting
  • Architecture Lighting
  • Color changing mood lighting designs (cove lighting)
  • High color quality tunable white retrofits
  • High color quality tunable white LEDfits (RGB solution to achieve tunable white)
  • Consumer horticulture lighting