FIREFLY® 0402 – Optimized for flat backlighting


The FIREFLY® 0402 is designed for use in consumer applications. Due to its low height and optical characteristics it is optimized for flat indirect backlighting.


Super slim design
The FIREFLY® features a super slim design due to its compact package, available with a height of 0.6 mm. A decisive characteristic – especially in flat applications, such as backlighting of LCDs and keypads as well as effect lights.

Individual and flexible design
The FIREFLY® allows for virtually unlimited design options, due to its small footprint.

Power saving
The FIREFLY® saves power due to its ultra-low forward voltage and high efficiency, even for white LED


  • Package: SMT package, standard SMT footprint 0402, colored diffused resin
  • Chip technology: InGaN on Sapphire
  • Color: Cx = 0.285, Cy = 0.275 acc. to CIE 1931 (● white)
  • Optical efficacy: 35-38 lm/W
  • Corrosion Robustness Class: 3B

The FIREFLY® demonstrates that small and powerful can make an impression in the following applications:

Consumer & communication

  • Backlighting of phone keypads
  • Flat backlighting of LCDs
  • Funlight and effect lights


  • Micro switches
  • Indicator lights
  • Gaming, Amusement, Gambling
  • Textile illumination