Standardization of the new (Solid State Lighting) SSL-Technology is an enormous challenge for the entire Lighting Industry as there are: LED Component, LED Lamp and LED Luminaire manufacturers.

On this site, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH will offer you essential information regarding standardization activities and our own results from long-term LED tests such as product robustness or lumen maintenance.

IESNA LM80 is an LED-based lumen maintenance test, running for 6,000 hours at three different temperatures. Compliant results from these tests are the bottom line for getting the EPA's Energy Star Certification Label on LED lamp, LED light engine or LED luminaire level.

For more information on standardization for SSL technology click here.

For the latest information, results, and reports, please contact us.

Financing and Contracting

OSRAM Financing Services

  • Maintain liquidity: initially no required investments
  • Constant cost planning: fixed periodic payments, reliable and calculable costs
  • Energy savings enables investments without any impact on the cash flow
  • Capital funds and bank loans may not tied up by lighting project costs
  • That enables additional financial flexibility or adherence to the budget
  • No additional burdens caused by the new lighting system
  • Safe investment and innovation for the customer
  • Customized financing solution (extended payment terms, financing lease, operate lease,…)
  • Transparent TCO consideration of service life:
    - Monthly savings from the very beginning
    - High cost savings within the whole life cycle
    - Low ongoing servicing costs after leasing period
  • Optional transfer of ownership at the end of the leasing period (operate lease)

What is financing?

Every business without direct payment is a type of financing. Delivery against standard payment terms is well known.

Further financing types are:

Level1: Extended payments terms

Level 2: Monthly payment

Level 3: Finance Lease

Level 4: Operate lease

Luminaires + Services + Financing = Contracting


  • High operating costs (energy / maintenance) of elder installations can easily be reduced by using new technology in luminaires and lighting management systems
  • Energy savings finance the new Lighting system completely
  • Positive Net Cash from the very beginning
  • Massive savings after the contract period
  • No capital expenditure
  • No investment in assets

Full Solution - Financing and Contracting at a glance:

  • Full solution by a single provider:
  • Including consulting & planning ◦ financing & contracting
  • Lighting systems & installation ◦ maintenance & after sales services…
  • Financial discharge by energy savings from the very beginning
  • Financial security by defined monthly payments
  • Off balance models possible
  • Savings of annual operating costs (energy / maintenance)
  • Energy savings using modern Lighting systems
  • Additional savings using Light management systems
  • CO2 reduction
  • Sustainable product application with guaranteed long lifetime cycle
  • Reduction of energy and emissions due to sustainable technology
  • Optimization of lighting efficiency with up-to-date LED-technology and advanced Light-Management-Systems (LMS)