An evolution in light. An effortless performance. HMI STUDIO makes its debut.

An evolution in light. An effortless performance. HMI STUDIO makes its debut.

OSRAM introduces HMI STUDIO, a metal halide lamp series that provides a warm tungsten color temperature in fixtures.


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Advanced Simplicity

A new innovation in metal halide lamps, HMI STUDIO simplifies your stages, studios, and sets. With a warm tungsten color temperature, the lamp works in daylight fixtures and eliminates the need for separate tungsten halogen fixtures, their lamps, and CTO filters. For you, HMI® STUDIO lamps mean an easier setup with less handling, as well as reduced costs associated with storing, maintaining, and transporting extra fixtures.

Illuminating Drama

HMI STUDIO lamps shine twice as bright as a tungsten halogen lamp with a similar wattage. These metal halide lamps provide a natural-looking light and reveal a set’s true colors with a high CRI of more than 90. With the patented doped UV-Stop quartz outer jacket, these lamps reduce the harmful UVB and UVC emissions by 99.9%.

HMI STUDIO lamps features

Product Features at a Glance

Along with their inherent OSRAM quality and durability, HMI STUDIO lamps offer:

  • A warm tungsten color temperature in fixtures
  • A plug-n-play option suitable for daylight fixtures
  • Two times brighter light than tungsten halogen lamps with similar wattages
  • A lifetime identical to traditional OSRAM HMI lamps
  • High CRI of more than 90
  • Patented doped UV-Stop (UVS) quartz outer jacket eliminates 99.9% of UVB and UVC emissions

Product Benefits at a Glance

Compared to a traditional studio lighting setup with multiple tungsten halogen and metal halide lamp fixtures, using HMI STUDIO in daylight fixtures makes separate halogen fixtures redundant. When paired with fixtures, HMI STUDIO lamps deliver a warm tungsten color temperature. Film and TV productions can save time and become more cost-effective, while benefiting from two times the brightness (compared to tungsten halogen lamps of a similar wattage).

HMI STUDIO Portfolio

  • HMI STUDIO 200 W
  • HMI STUDIO 575 W
  • HMI STUDIO 800 W
  • HMI STUDIO 400 W
  • HMI STUDIO 1200 W*

*coming soon

  • To learn more about HMI DIGITAL - our single-ended metal halide lamps with extremely bright light, high colour temperature and high colour rendering index - please click here

HMI Studio product brochure

Product data HMI STUDIO

Film Set: The next generation of HMI lamps

Film Set: The next generation of
HMI lamps for film sets around the world:

Studio: Light for dramatic scenes

Studio: Light for dramatic scenes

Theater Stage: Light for the modern stage

Theater Stage: Light for the modern stage


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