Guarantee process for LED exterior vehicle lighting

The numerous products of automotive LED exterior lighting from OSRAM are technologically up to date. Whether it is a LED retrofit, LED daytime running light, LED foglight, LED driving light or LED working light – at OSRAM you benefit equally from quality, performance, design and efficiency.

The OSRAM guarantee for automotive LED exterior lighting products is sub-divided into the following stages, depending on the product:

5 years of guarantee

LED daytime running light

  • LEDriving LG

LED fog lights

  • LEDriving FOG
  • LEDriving FOG PL

LED daytime running lights

  • LEDriving PX-4
  • LEDriving PX-5

LED fog light

  • LEDriving F1

Mounting brackets for LED fog lights

  • LEDriving FOG PL/F1 - MOUNT
  • LEDriving FOG PL/F1 - MOUNT
  • LEDriving FOG - MOUNT

LED driving & working lights

  • LEDriving® CUBE MX85-SP
  • LEDriving® CUBE MX85-WD
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR MX140-WD
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR MX140-SP
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR FX250-SP
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR FX250-CB
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR FX500-SP
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR FX500-CB
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR SX180-SP
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR SX300-SP
  • LEDriving® LIGHTBAR SX500-SP

Here's how the guarantee works

LED assemblies or brackets that fail to work properly as a result of a product defect in non-commercial applications during the several years period are covered by the OSRAM guarantee. Please note: The guarantee applies only to countries with customer service addresses.

Download: Reclamation process, mailing label and warranty claim form Warranty claim: Step-by-step instructions OSRAM Service: List of warranty addresses

To receive a replacement, please send the defective product in a protective package along with your cash register receipt and postage paid by the sender to the OSRAM contact address in your area and you get free replacement. In individual cases you receive a similar product or a credit note of the purchase price. Your statutory rights to non-defective goods remain unaffected.